“Right product for the Right application”


Intermac is the leading manufacturer of inkjet coding and marking equipment in Korea. With its improved performance and outstanding design, the RED JET is attracting a lot of attention in the global market.

The RED JET, supported in 29 different languages, has a window based graphic user interface that makes it easier and more convenient for users to use marking printers. Intermac provides innovate solutions for marking and coding in any industries and meet all traceability and quality requirements. Fast access to each feature is a strong advantage that can increase user convenience and reduce customer service costs.

Lead Tech has Strong R&D team, rich experience in software and hardware design, carefully selected high reliability parts. More than one decade of accumulated experience in on-site installation/commissioning of many units. A complete range of products, cost-effective use and maintenance costs, customized design of machine functions can be carried out according to customer site conditions.

The design of highly reliable products ensures that customers’ production will not be interrupted by unexpected failures.
LT’s CIJ product line includes high-speed machine, white ink machine, wire rod machine, etc.,

We are just a call away, ready for onsite demonstrations. Always following the rule “Right product for the Right application”.

Lasers Marking Systems (China)


The inventory of Consumables is a Back Bone Support for each and every honorable client which reduces downtime and production losses.

Turn Key Automation Solutions

Complete Filling Lines and other Packing Machinery 

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